Shenzhen Puhuixin Tecnhnology Co., Ltd.
Fiber Optic Passive Components + Manufacturer

Fiber Optic Passive Components + Manufacturer


PHXFIBER is founded by senior experienced professionals and specializes in developing and manufacturing fiber optic passive components for more than 10 years, product range includes fiber optic FBT couplers, fiber optic PLC splitters, fiber optic patch cords, PM components, high power components, fiber arrays, collimators, etc. They are mainly applied in EDFA, testing equipment, optical fiber communication system, laser, data center, 5G internet, and airspace.

PHXFIBER attaches high importance to the level of independent R&D and innovation and has built an in-house reliability Lab. The R&D team consists of professionals with Mater Degrees or above. The company invests heavily in R&D each year and has obtained many patents so far.

All PHXIFBER manufacturing plants are equipped with advanced processing equipment and precision testing instruments, such as automatic glue injection machine, automatic cable cutter, automatic bulk machine, cable three-in-one automatic peeling machine, concentricity measuring instrument, IL, PDL & RL automatic testing system, temperature and humidity chamber, DH chamber, etc.

With the principle of sincere cooperation, innovation, and down-to-earth, PHXFIBER will continue to provide more customers with advanced technology, products, and services.

Optical Communication Company Culture

PHXFIBER continuously makes a contribution to the worldwide network communication of today and the future.

As a leading manufacturer of fiber optic passive products in China, we have been growing steadily with our customers for more than a decade. 

Increasing demand for network bandwidth and speed requires stable and innovative fiber optic components and equipment. It is our forever pursuit to offer clients excellent products, services, added value, and make a contribution to society.

1. We meet and surpass customers' expectations with our expertise.

2. We build win-win cooperation and follow the principles of fairness.

3. We care and respect our staff, provide them opportunities.

4. We respect diversity and different cultures, build friendly connections with worldwide people.

5. We play our social role well and make contributions to realize a better society.

6. We keep up with technology development and encourage innovation.

Optical Communication Company Culture


Fiber Optic Equipment Quality Control

Fiber Optic Equipment Quality Control

Adopt ISO 9001: 2015 quality system, quality assurance activities cover the whole process of product developing, supply chain management, production and after-sales.
PHXFIBER Factory Show

PHXFIBER Factory Show

More than 5000 square meter coverage, equipped with advanced manufacture and test equipment, own in-house reliability lab.
Optical Communication Company Social Responsibility

Optical Communication Company Social Responsibility

PHXFIBER takes sustainability development as our mission, we care about the balance between economic, ecological and social perspectives.

PHXFIBER Honor Certificates

6 Core Fiber Optic Cable Price Per Meter
6 Core Ofc Cable Price
6 Core Optical Fiber Cable Price
8 Core Fiber Optic Cable Price
Fiber Cable 6 Core Price
Fiber Optic Cable 2 Core Price
Single Core Fiber Optic Cable Price
1 Core Fiber Optic Cable
12 Core Armoured Fiber Optic Cable
12 Core Fiber Optic Cable
4 Core Fiber Optic Cable
4 Core Multimode Fiber Optic Cable
4 Core Single Mode Fiber Optic Cable
48 Core Fiber Optic Cable

PHXFIBER's Company Sructure

PHXFIBER's Company Sructure
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