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2.5Gbps SFP Optical Transceiver, 2km Reach

2.5Gbps SFP Optical Transceiver, 2km Reach

As one of reliable optical transceiver manufacturers, PHX dual fiber bidirectional SFP 155m ~ 2.67G SFP dual fiber series optical module products, with a transmission rate of 2.5Gb/s. It supports 2km transmission distance. This series of products adopts LC optical port, which has the characteristics of low power consumption, small volume, high reliability, wide temperature range and so on. It is mainly used in Ethernet / SDH / SONET / FC transmission and other environments
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2.5Gbps SFP Optical Transceiver, 2km Reach

Advantage of 2.5Gbps SFP Optical Transceiver, 2km Reach

1. Hot-swap SFP package, conforming to SFP MSA.

2. Conform to Ethernet / SDH / SONET transmission standard.

3. Using VCSEL / FP / DFB laser.

4. Dual fiber LC interface.

5. I2C management interface, supporting digital diagnosis function.

6. Support transmission distance from 2km.

7. Comply with ROHS environmental standards.

8. Operating temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 70 ℃ (commercial grade) / - 40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃ (industrial grade).

Specification of 2.5Gbps SFP Optical Transceiver, 2km Reach



Data Rate



1310nm FP





Output Power




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