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Optical Fiber Adapter

Optical Fiber Adapter

An optical fiber adapter is also called fiber optic coupler, which is a small component designed to connect optical fiber cables or connectors between two fiber optic lines. It is usually in the application of optical distribution frame, to link fiber optic equipment and measure appliance, etc. There is single fiber adapter, known as simplex adapter, and dual fiber adapter, known as duplex adapter, and four fiber adapter, known as quad adapter. PHXFIBER offers different types adapter to fit different interfaces, such as FC, SC, ST, LC, MTRJ, MPO and E2000.

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Optical Fiber Adapter
Features of Optical Fiber Adapter

Features of Optical Fiber Adapter

Optical fiber adapter are very useful and convenient components, which are widely applied in fiber optical communication system because of their features.

Different design of fiber optic adapters are available for different interfaces.
There are different versions of optical adapters.
Female to female adapters are the most common types.
Optical fiber adapters are also available with both single mode and multi mode.
Hybrid adapters can attach different type of connectors together.

Advantages of Optical Fiber Adapter

Simple to Use
Most of the optical fiber adapters are plug design, so it is simple to connect and disconnect them with cables and equipment.
Stable and Reliable
They are of high stability and reliability, can withstand harsh environment and temperature changes.
Long Life Span
Optical fiber adapters have good durability, can be plugged and used repeatedly.
Easy to Maintain and with Low Cost
Optical fiber adapters don't need much maintenance, and their unit prices are very low.

Fiber Optic Solutions We Serve

PHX FIBER products are widely applied in fiber optical communication systems, fiber optic sensors, CATV, fiber lasers and other fiber optical instruments, etc.
Optical sensing is the key technology of self-driving because a self-driving car relies on a sensor system to perceive and navigate its surrounding environment accurately to ensure safety.
Optical technology in Autonomous Vehicles
Application of fiber optic passive components enable the engineering implementation of full fiber network to realize, and improve the performance of optical communication system.
Optical Fiber Used in Optical Communication System
Passive Optical LAN is of higher Efficiency, Security and energy conservation, but lower cost.
Optical Fiber Used In Local Area Networks
Connection, distribution, isolation and filtration of optical fiber passive components play important parts in CATV system.
Optical Fiber Used In CATV Systems
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