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FTTH-015 Optical Fiber Terminal Box Specificatin

FTTH-015 Optical Fiber Terminal Box Specificatin

This terminal is used in the end termination of residental buildings and villas, and other outdoor area, waterproof and uvprotection; it fix and splice with pigtails, can be installed on the wall, optical fiber can be managed effectively.
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FTTH-015 Optical Fiber Terminal Box Specificatin

Features of FTTH-015 Optical Fiber Terminal Box Specificatin

(1). Insertion loss:≤0.30dB ,Return loss:≥50dB.

(2). Special cable fixed position, ensure the cable fixed pulled off force after not less than 50 N.

(3). Job stress: 70 kpa to 106 kpa;

(4). Using the temperature:- 40 ~ + 75 ℃

(5). Relative humidity: ≤95% (+ 40 ℃).

(6). Protection grade: IP55.

(7). Insulation resistance: grounding device and the insulation resistance between the body machining parts not less than2 x104m Ω/500V(DC);

(8). Withstand voltage: grounding device and the case between the metalworking withstand voltage of not less than 3000V(DC)/1min.

(9). The door is open Angle: 180 ° 3-7 or higher.

(10). Box must have good corrosion resistance and damage resistance performance. (11).box at the top surface must be able to bear the vertical pressure of not less than 500 n, cabinet door opened, the door of mustbe not less than 100 n vertical under pressure.After discharge load, housing must be free of damage and permanent deformation.

(12). when there is a cable to introduce, ordinary fiber after fixation must be able to bear axial tension of not less than 500N; Messenger butterfly cable must be able to withstand after fixed axial tension of not less than 200 n.After stretching, twistingtestcheck fixed cable, fiber optic cable must be free of any loose or damage phenomenon.

Appearance and size of FTTH-015 Optical Fiber Terminal Box Specificatin:

(1). The FTTH-015 Optical Fiber Terminal Box using high-quality PC materials, It can resist the impact of the outside forceeffectively and has the high explosive strength The flip plate adopts the cold rolled steel plate surface through the strict picklingandphosphating, it has been treated by outdoor electrostatic powder spray treatment.

(2). FTTH-015 Optical Fiber Terminal Box is type box body size is 210 mm * 140mm*40mm,Cable diameter:ᴓ7.0 ~ᴓ.10mm.

(3). Cable port:1;adapter port:6.

(4). FTTH-015 Optical Fiber Terminal Box is complete, each component surface is smooth, uniform color.Metal component surfacecoating or coating adhesion strong, plastic parts, no burr, bubble, crack, hollow, warp, impurities such as defects.

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