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C-lens Fiber Optic Collimator

C-lens Fiber Optic Collimator

PHX optical collimator adopts micro optical fiber lens and unique manufacturing process. It has many advantages that traditional optical fiber collimator cannot match, such as small spot diameter, high coupling efficiency, high return loss and high optical power rate. It has passed the examination of GR-1209-Core & GR-1221-Core, making ultra-small optical fiber device possible.Including Faraday mirror, variable optical attenuator and a variety of passive fiber devices; It is especially suitable for making all kinds of small optical fiber sensor probes, and can provide different tail-fiber ultra-small optical fiber collimator according to the needs of customers.
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C-lens Fiber Optic Collimator

Specifications of C-lens Fiber Optic Collimator

Center Wavelength

1550nm, 1480nm, 1310nm, 1060nm, 850nm



Working Distance (In the air)


Beam Diameter


Typical Coupling Loss@1550nm

0.25dbB(SMF28) grade P 0.25dbB(SMF28)

Return Loss@23℃


Damage Threshold Power


Operating Temperature Range


Storage Temperature Range


Product features of fiber optic collimator

  1. Low insertion loss

  2. Light path without glue

  3. Compact structure

  4. High reliability and stability

Dimensions of optical fiber lens

C-lens Fiber Optic Collimator

Optical collimator application 

  • Optical fiber components and modules

  • Free space optical path integration

  • Chemical test system

  • Sensing system

Optical technology in Autonomous Vehicles
Autonomous Vehicles
Optical Fiber Used in Optical Communication System
Optical Communication Systems
Optical Fiber Used In Local Area Networks
Local Area Networks
Optical Fiber Used In CATV Systems
CATV Systems

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