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High Power Fiber Optic Isolator

High Power Fiber Optic Isolator

PHX’s High Power Polarization Maintaining Fiber Isolator, is an in-line micro-optic component with high optical power, allows light to transmit only in the forward direction and block in the reverse direction. It is widely used for fiber laser, fiber amplifier, fiber communication and fiber sensor, with high isolation, high extinction ratio, and low insertion loss.
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High Power Fiber Optic Isolator

Features of High Power Fiber Optic Isolator

1. Polarization Independent

2. Low Insertion Loss

3. High Isolation and Return Loss

4. High Reliability and Stability

Note of High Power Fiber Optic Isolator

1. The high power optical isolator (polarization-independent fiber optic isolators, 1064/1053/1030/980 nm) is customizable, and the above specifications are subject to change without notice.

2. For device with connectors, IL is 0.3dB higher, RL is 5.0dB lower.

3. Bare fiber should not support the weight of the connector. So that if any connectors needed, for the pigtail type it’s better to choose the 900μm loose tube jacket instead of the 250μm bare fiber.

4. For CW high-power optical interconnection, we recommend fusion splice without connectors.

5. For product customization or special requirements, please contact Lfiber’s sales department for availability.

Package Dimensions of High Power Fiber Optic Isolator

Package Dimensions of High Power Fiber Optic Isolator

Parameters of High Power Fiber Optic Isolator

Center Wavelength (nm)

1064, 1053, 1030, or 980

Operating Wavelength Range (nm)


Typ. Peak Isolation at 23 ℃ (dB)


Min. Isolation at 23 ℃ (dB)


Typ. Insertion Loss at 23 ℃ (dB)


Max. Insertion Loss at 23 ℃ (dB)


Polarization Dependent Loss at 23 ℃


Return Loss (dB)


Optical Power (CW) Handling (W)

30 or 50

Max. Peak Power for ns Pulse (kW)


Max. Tensile Load (N)


Package Dimension (mm)


Operating Temperature (°C)

+10 to +50

Storage Temperature (°C)

0 to +60

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