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Precision Fiber Cleaver

Precision Fiber Cleaver

Using Precision Cleaver, please be cautious of the following particulars and prevent your body and property from harm and use carefully and usefully. Keep Precision Cleaver away from water. Place Precision Cleaver away from the humid and dusty place. High temperature causes transforming, so keep it at a normal temperature. Be careful with a serious impact on it. To change to Multimode, use the wrench enclosed with the product to change a holder. Make sure that you fasten with the bolts properly.
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Precision Fiber Cleaver

Specifications of  Precision Fiber Cleaver

On the edge of the blade, the cleaving position from 1~12 is marked.
When it does not leave the fiber normally, clean the cleaving edge part, and rubber pad with alcohol-soaked cotton. (But, when cleaning rubber pad, do not use acetone or solvent)
And if it still does not leave, it means the cleaving edge is fully used, operators are required to change the cleaving position by the following order.
Cleaving Position Adjustment1. Open the cover and make the blade carriage come out to the front of the body and hold it tight with your hands.
2. Release 2 set screws (1st setscrew location: left of CAM, 2nd  setscrew: backside of blade carriage).
3. Rotate the blade counter-clockwise. The blade is originally fixed on "position 1". Treat the blade with care not to touch the tip of the blade.
4. Take the reverse order. (Fasten the setscrew with equal strength)

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