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Fiber Optic Patch Panel

Fiber Optic Patch Panel

A fiber optic patch panel is an interface panel made of metal and with pre-punched holes on the front side, it works like a connector to connect and manage input and output optical fibers. Fiber optic patch panels can be made to be compatible with different optical adapters and port configurations for various applications. Fiber optic patch panels provided by Phxfiber, one of trusted fiber optic patch panel manufacturers, also can be deployed through diverse methods, such as rack mount, wall mount and DIN-Rail mount.

Fiber Optic Patch Panel
Fiber Optic Patch Panel

Different Types of Outdoor/Indoor Fiber Optic Patch Panel

As a professional fiber optic patch panel manufacturer, PHXFIBER provides fiber optic cable patch panels with high quality and unique designs. The fiber optic patch panel price is reasonable and competitive. 

Types of Fiber Optic Patch Panel

Fiber optic patch panel, provided by fiber optic patch panel suppliers, can be classified as different types according to a few different criteria.

1. Indoor fiber patch panel versus outdoor fiber patch panel

2. Rack mount fiber patch panel versus wall mount fiber patch panel

3. Multimode fiber patch panel versus single-mode fiber patch panel

4. Loaded versus Unloaded

5. Port Numbers: the number of ports can be 12, 24, 48, 64, 72, 96 to 288 and even more, for example, odf 24 port fiber optic patch panel, odf 48 port fiber optic patch panel, etc.

6. Model: LC fiber patch panel, SC fiber patch panel, ST fibre patch panel and FC patch panel.

Features of Fiber Optic Patch Panel

Features of Fiber Optic Patch Panel

Fiber Patch Panel Provides safe and easy management of optical fiber cables.
Various designs to meet diverse applications.
Easy to operate and maintain.
Three common types of patch panels.

Advantages of Fiber Optic Patch Panel

Organize Optical Fibers Easily
Optical fiber cables can be connected and organized orderly in any direction without confusion and congestion.
Good Scalability and Flexibility
With the support of fiber optic patch panel, we can change and grow network according to needs simply without increasing cost.
Allow Manual Changes
Manual monitoring, routing, testing, switching and maintaining can be done quickly and easily because the cables are usually configured.
Great Protection for Components Inside
Stainless steel construction ensure great protection for fiber optic components inside, thus to add high level of security and reliability to your network system.
Our Fiber Patch Panel Save Space
Fiber optic patch panel suppliers offer products featuring a single high-density design, boasting up to 168 ports for efficient connection and termination of fiber optic cables. These panels are instrumental in conserving rack space and driving cost savings.

Fiber Optic Solutions We Serve

PHX FIBER products are widely applied in fiber optical communication systems, fiber optic sensors, CATV, fiber lasers and other fiber optical instruments, etc.
Optical sensing is the key technology of self-driving because a self-driving car relies on a sensor system to perceive and navigate its surrounding environment accurately to ensure safety.
Optical technology in Autonomous Vehicles
Application of fiber optic passive components enable the engineering implementation of full fiber network to realize, and improve the performance of optical communication system.
Optical Fiber Used in Optical Communication System
Passive Optical LAN is of higher Efficiency, Security and energy conservation, but lower cost.
Optical Fiber Used In Local Area Networks
Connection, distribution, isolation and filtration of optical fiber passive components play important parts in CATV system.
Optical Fiber Used In CATV Systems
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