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FHD MTP®-8 Cassette

FHD MTP®-8 Cassette

High-density wiring application. The optical fiber distribution box can be installed in an FHD series frame and wall-mounted distribution box to provide high-density wiring and meet future capacity expansion requirements.
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FHD MTP®-8 Cassette

Specification of FHD MTP®-8 Cassette

Number of Optical Fiber Cores

8 cores

Optical Fiber Type

50/125 multimode OM4 microns

Front-end Connector

4×LC/UPC Duplex

Back-end Connector

1×MTP®/APC male (with guidewire)

The MTP ® Adapter

Key up-Key down

Size (H x W)


Insertion Loss

MTP®≤0.35dB, LC≤0.2dB

Return Loss

MTP®≥60dB, LC≥50dB

Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature


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