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Fiber Optic Cabinet

Fiber Optic Cabinet

Outdoor/indoor fiber distribution cabinet (FDC) is a kind of device that provides termination and cross-connection for feeder cables and distribution cables. After optical cables are led into the cabinet, the feeder cables and distribution cables will be connected by fiber optic patch cords through fixation, termination and distribution. The FDC is subdivided into indoor fiber distribution cabinets and outdoor fiber distribution cabinets, fiber optic cabinet outdoor and indoor both can be mounted on walls, aerial and on the ground. Cabinet’s housing can be customized for 19-inch rack-mount telecommunication equipment.

Fiber Distribution Cabinet
Fiber Optic Cabinet

Different Types of Fiber Distribution Cabinets for Sale

FDCs come in different types and sizes, depending on their capacity and intended use. Here are some of the most common types of FDCs: Indoor FDCs, outdoor FDCs, wall-mounted FDCs, pole-mounted FDCs and rack-mounted FDCs. the type of FDC needed will depend on the specific requirements of the fiber optic network, including the number of customers to be served, the location of the FDC, and the type of installation.

Application of Fiber Distribution Cabinet

A fiber distribution cabinet (FDC) is an important component of a fiber optic network infrastructure. It is typically used to connect multiple optical fibers from the outside plant to the inside equipment of a building or data center. Here are some specific applications of FDCs:

  1. Centralized fiber distribution: An FDC can be used as a central point for distributing fiber optic cables to different parts of a building or campus. The cabinet can house multiple optical splitters, allowing one incoming fiber to be split into multiple fibers to serve different areas or departments.

  2. Protection and management of fiber connections: FDCs are designed to protect fiber optic cables and connections from environmental factors such as dust, moisture, and temperature fluctuations. They also provide a central location for managing and organizing fiber connections, making it easier to troubleshoot issues and perform maintenance.

  3. Facilitating fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) services: FDCs can be used to bring fiber connectivity directly to individual homes or businesses. In this case, an FDC would be installed in a neighbourhood or on a street, and individual fibers would be run from the cabinet to each home or business.

  4. Support for wireless networks: FDCs can also be used in conjunction with wireless networks, such as those using small cell technology. In this scenario, fiber optic cables would be run to the small cell site, where the FDC would be used to distribute the fiber connections to the wireless equipment.

Overall, FDCs play a critical role in the deployment and management of fiber optic networks, enabling high-speed data transmission and connectivity.

Features of Fiber Distribution Cabinet Outdoor

Features of Fiber Distribution Cabinet Outdoor

Large Capacity
Customizable Dimension
Dust and Moisture Proof
Provide Cable Management
Multi Applications

Advantages of Fiber Optic Cabinet Outdoor/Indoor

Various Capacity Available
The capacity of a fiber optic distribution cabinet can be custom-tailored according to client’s needs.
Increase Deployment Efficiency
Installation of pre-terminated and tested pigtails can help quick deployment of cables.
Different Choices of Installation
Wall mounted installation, floor standing installation and pole installation as per requests.
Compatible with Various Equipment
Fiber Optic Distribution Cabinet can be compatible with PLC Splitters, WDM, EDFA, switch and OLT, etc.
Keep Equipment Secure and Safe
Pad lock doors to keep the equipment inside safe and secure, manage and protect the fibers, too.

Fiber Optic Solutions We Serve

PHX FIBER products are widely applied in fiber optical communication systems, fiber optic sensors, CATV, fiber lasers and other fiber optical instruments, etc.
Optical sensing is the key technology of self-driving because a self-driving car relies on a sensor system to perceive and navigate its surrounding environment accurately to ensure safety.
Optical technology in Autonomous Vehicles
Application of fiber optic passive components enable the engineering implementation of full fiber network to realize, and improve the performance of optical communication system.
Optical Fiber Used in Optical Communication System
Passive Optical LAN is of higher Efficiency, Security and energy conservation, but lower cost.
Optical Fiber Used In Local Area Networks
Connection, distribution, isolation and filtration of optical fiber passive components play important parts in CATV system.
Optical Fiber Used In CATV Systems
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