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Fhu 1U 96F Branch Distribution Box

Fhu 1U 96F Branch Distribution Box

PHX 96-core MTP®-LC branch distribution box, the front panel provides 48 duplex LC interface, rear panel provides 12 MTP® (8-core) interface, There are 12 pairs of MTP® (8-core) -LC fiber branch jumpers pre-terminated internally, so 40G can be achieved by LC duplex fiber jumpers and MTP® (8-core) fiber jumpers. The connection between network devices and 10G network devices. The advantages of this box structure are space-saving, easy management, flexibility, and the ability to protect fiber optic jumpers from external mechanical damage.
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Fhu 1U 96F Branch Distribution Box

Specification of Fhu 1U 96F Branch Distribution Box

Model Name


Number of Cores


Type of Front Panel Adapter

48 * LC duplex

Type of Rear Panel Adapter

12* 8-core MTP® male (with guide pin)

Insertion Loss

MTP≤0.35dB, LC≤0.2dB

Return Loss

MTP®≥60dB, LC≥50dB

Size (HxWxD)


Optical Fiber Type

 OS2 9/125μm

/ OM4 50/125µm

Working Yemperature


Storage Temperature


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