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PHXFIBER Optical Fiber Applications

PHXFIBER Optical Fiber Applications

Different Types of PHXFIBER Optical Fiber Applications

Since the first development of fiber optics in the 1970s, it has changed the whole telecommunication industry because of its advantages over electrical transmission. Besides, fiber optics are also widely applied in Automotive Industry, Sensing, Military, Space Mechanical Inspections. PHXFIBER provides fiber optic components for an optical communication system, CATV, LAN, and the automotive industry.

Optical technology in Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous Vehicles

An autonomous vehicle is capable of detecting surroundings and steering without human’s control. Fiber optics, lasers, and radar play important roles in the realization of autopilot.
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Optical Fiber Used in Optical Communication System

Optical Communication Systems

Fiber-optic communication is a way of transmitting signals by sending light through fibers. It is mostly applied in telecommunications, such as in the backbone networks optical cables have replaced the traditional copper cables.
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Optical Fiber Used In Local Area Networks

Local Area Networks

A local area network (LAN) usually consists of switches, cables, routers, and access points, which can connect different devices to servers within a limited area, such as a school, a hospital, office buildings, and residential buildings.
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Optical Fiber Used In CATV Systems

CATV Systems

Community Antenna Television (CATV) also known as cable TV, it uses Antenna to receive television signals and relay them by cable to users.
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