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Coarse Wavelength Optical Division Multiplexer

Coarse Wavelength Optical Division Multiplexer

1x2 CWDM single device/equipment (3-port) is a wavelength division multiplexer cwdm technology based on TFF (thin film filter), which can effectively save optical fiber resources and networking cost. CWDM module has a variety of package sizes and optional wavelengths. It is composed of three ports: common end (COM), transmission end (pass) and reflection end; The wavelength range complies with ITU-T g.694.2 standard. In the wavelength division multiplexing CWDM system, it can multiplex, demultiplex or add drop multiplex different optical signals, and increase the signal transmission speed and communication capacity. CWDM equipment is mainly used in the convergence and access layer of metropolitan area network, and can build the network and carry out services in a short time.
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Coarse Wavelength Optical Division Multiplexer

Characteristics of Coarse Wavelength Optical Division Multiplexer

1. Low insertion loss

2. High isolation

3. High stability

Parameters of Coarse Wavelength Optical Division Multiplexer

Channel wavelength (nm)

1270 ~ 1610 or 1271~1611

Channel bandwidth (nm)


Transmission insertion loss (DB)


Reflection insertion loss (DB)


Ripple loss (DB)


Isolation degree



Non adjacent


Polarization dependent loss (DB)


Polarization mode dispersion (DB)


Directivity (DB)


Return loss (DB)


Maximum optical power (MW)


Operating temperature (℃)


Storage temperature (℃)


Package size (mm)


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