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Mechanical Optical Switch

Mechanical Optical Switch

The optical switch is a device used to shift optical paths. In fiber optic transmission system, it is in the wide application of LAN, monitor, multiple light sources, detector and protection of Ethernet conversion. In fiber optic testing system, it is used to test fiber, fiber optic equipment and fiber sensing system.

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Mechanical Optical Switch
Features of Mechanical Optical Switch

Features of Mechanical Optical Switch

Low Insert Loss
Low Crosstalk
High Repeatability and Stability
Latching and Non-latching
Meets GR-1209 and GR-1221 Standards

Advantages of Mechanical Optical Switch

MEMS optical switches are of high switching speed, compact size and low insertion loss, low crosstalk.
MEMS optical switches can control all-optical networks remotely.
The performance of MEMS optical switches can meet the technical requirements of the DWDM all-optical network.
MEMS optical switches have single-batch yield and great repeatability, so they can reduce system costs.

Fiber Optic Solutions We Serve

PHX FIBER products are widely applied in fiber optical communication systems, fiber optic sensors, CATV, fiber lasers and other fiber optical instruments, etc.
Optical sensing is the key technology of self-driving because a self-driving car relies on a sensor system to perceive and navigate its surrounding environment accurately to ensure safety.
Optical technology in Autonomous Vehicles
Application of fiber optic passive components enable the engineering implementation of full fiber network to realize, and improve the performance of optical communication system.
Optical Fiber Used in Optical Communication System
Passive Optical LAN is of higher Efficiency, Security and energy conservation, but lower cost.
Optical Fiber Used In Local Area Networks
Connection, distribution, isolation and filtration of optical fiber passive components play important parts in CATV system.
Optical Fiber Used In CATV Systems
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