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Optical Fiber Used In CATV Systems

Optical Fiber Used In CATV Systems

In the CATV system, CATV optical fiber is used to transmit pulses of light, which will be decoded into audio and images when it reaches the television. 

Fiber optic cables for tv equipment can maintain good picture and sound quality even when it is stretched extremely long, while coaxial cables can not. And fiber optic cable for tv equipment runs directly into your house, so it doesn't lose reception easily like satellite TV.

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Optical Fiber Used In CATV Systems

Advantages of Cable TV with CATV Fiber Optic

1. The application of fiber optics in CATV Systems has benefited both cable television companies and cable television users. 

2. To the cable television companies, it is easy to install and maintain because of its lightweight and high reliability in harsh environment. 

3. To cable television users, it can provide better pictures with higher speed at a lower cost compared with coaxial cable.

What Is The Difference Between Cable TV and Digital TV

1. Digital TV transmits high-quality digitally encoded signals, however, Cable TV transmits analog methods.

2. Fiber optic cable for tv equipment uses cables to deliver and receive signals. Digital TV signals are transmitted by either cable or air.

3. Digital TV provides better audio and picture quality because of its consistency of reception over farther distances.

4. Digital signals don’t degrade over long-distance transmission, while the cable TV transmission will.

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