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FHD Fiber Adapter Panel

FHD Fiber Adapter Panel

The FHD adapter panel can be quickly stuck into the chassis and is widely used for optical fiber trunk wiring, branch wiring, and device wiring. The color of the adapter complies with THE TIA/EIA-568-C.3 standard, which makes it easy to identify optical fiber types and facilitate management and maintenance.
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FHD Fiber Adapter Panel

Specification of FHD Fiber Adapter Panel

Number of Adapters


Number of Cores

24 core

Adapter Type

LC/UPC Duplex (blue)

Optical Fiber Type

9/125 OS2 single-mode microns

Tube Material

zirconia ceramics

Panel Material

Cold rolled steel, black frosted coating

Insertion Loss

≤0.2dB (0.1dB conventional value)

Return Loss


Service Life

≤500 insertion and removal times

Size (H x W)

35x109mm (1.38''x4.29'')

Quality Standard

ISO14001, ISO9001, ROHS

Application of Collocation

FHD series distribution box

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