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Optical Fiber Mechanical Splice

Optical Fiber Mechanical Splice

Used for fiber butt splicing fiber or fiber splicing pigtail, this is equivalent to making a splice, and the thing used for this kind of cold splicing is called an optical fiber cold splice. Two technologies can be used for the termination of the optical cable: fusion splicing and cold splicing. The so-called cold splicing is the opposite of welding, which refers to the mechanical splicing of optical cables through "cold splicing", and the entire splicing process can be completed within 2 minutes. Using cold splicing technology, the splicing effect can be equivalent to that of fusion splicing, and the insertion loss can reach less than 0.1 dB. The matching liquid is added to the splicing port to reduce the return loss, and the return loss can reach less than −60 dB.

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Optical Fiber Mechanical Splice
Features of Optical Fiber Mechanical Splice

Features of Optical Fiber Mechanical Splice

The optical fiber cold splice is used when two pigtails are butted. The main internal component is a precision v-shaped groove. After the two pigtails are pulled out, the cold splice is used to realize the butt connection of the two pigtails. It is easier and faster to operate, and saves time than using a fusion splicer.

The Structure Adopts Non-embedded Optical Fiber Structure
The Reliability of Fiber Clamping is Very Good
Good Connection Stability

Advantages of Fiber Optic Jumpers

Low Insertion Loss
Since the device is designed with a non-embedded optical fiber structure and there is only one optical fiber butt joint, the connection loss is generally less than that of the existing optical fiber quick connector.
The Online Tensile Strength of the Optical Fiber Quick Connect Connector Has No Effect on the Connection Loss
The axial pulling force that the device bears directly acts on the housing of the device, and the ceramic pin of the connector is not pulled, which does not affect the fiber connection effect, so it has no effect on the connection loss.
The Use Cost is Very Low
The manufacturing cost of the device is lower, so the price is lower; and the installation is very simple, almost no special construction tools are needed to complete the installation. With the gradual implementation of global fiber to the home (FTTH), products with excellent performance and low cost of use must be the mainstream of the market.
Good Use and Maintenance
Installation and maintenance are very simple. Whether it is a construction worker or a user, you can complete the installation and maintenance by simply giving instructions or reading the "Installation Manual" and using common tools for optical fiber construction.

Fiber Optic Solutions We Serve

PHX FIBER products are widely applied in fiber optical communication systems, fiber optic sensors, CATV, fiber lasers and other fiber optical instruments, etc.
Optical sensing is the key technology of self-driving because a self-driving car relies on a sensor system to perceive and navigate its surrounding environment accurately to ensure safety.
Optical technology in Autonomous Vehicles
Application of fiber optic passive components enable the engineering implementation of full fiber network to realize, and improve the performance of optical communication system.
Optical Fiber Used in Optical Communication System
Passive Optical LAN is of higher Efficiency, Security and energy conservation, but lower cost.
Optical Fiber Used In Local Area Networks
Connection, distribution, isolation and filtration of optical fiber passive components play important parts in CATV system.
Optical Fiber Used In CATV Systems
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