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SC Optical Fiber Mechanical Splice

The main body of SC Optical Fiber Mechanical Splice is composed of a lock cap, an outer frame sleeve, a connector body, matching fluid and a dust cap. Compared with the straight through type, a section of fiber core is put into the embedded cold connector in advance during production. After the rubber cable is inserted, it contacts with the fiber core through the matching fluid, making the operation more efficient.
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Product features

  • High reliability

Using precision and high quality ceramic cores, the connectors are

pre-polished in the factory, eliminating the need for grinding and gluing

in the construction site to ensure the quality of the connector face

and good reflection performance, providing highly reliable connections

in most networking applications.


  • Easy insertion and low loss

There is an axial bonding force at the fiber coupling. When the fiber is

connected, the gap between the end faces of the two fibers is small, so

the connection loss is often.0.3 db.


  • Easy installation and good maintenance

Installation and maintenance is simple and convenient, whether the

construction personnel, or users, using the common tools of optical

fiber construction can complete the installation and maintenance,

the axial tension of the device, directly acting on the shell of the

device, the ceramic pin connector is not subjected to tension,

does not affect the effect of optical fiber docking.


  • Low cost of use

Fiber quick connector has good field termination technology,

no need to dissolve the operation is convenient and fast.Low

connection cost, reusable, easy access anytime, anywhere.


Product specification

Product model


Insertion loss


Return loss


Working temperature


Using the optical fiber

Butterfly cable



Applicable mode

Single mode

Product standards

Telecommunication level

The Product Application

1. Communications equipment room


2. Connect the optical fiber to the home


3. Cable TV


4. Monitor devices


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