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100G, 200G DWDM

100G, 200G DWDM

PHX 100G, 200G DWDM multiplexing & demultiplexing module is a DWDM technology based on TFF (thin film filter), which has a variety of package sizes and optional wavelengths. It multiplexes optical signals of different wavelengths to a single optical fiber for transmission, and uses demultiplexing at the receiving end to decompose the signals in the optical fiber into signals of different wavelengths; DWDM has 100GHz, 200ghz and other channel intervals. It is suitable for long-distance, high-capacity long-distance trunk network or super large capacity metropolitan area network core nodes. DWDM module is widely used in telecommunications 5g, metropolitan area network, backbone network, data center and other fields.
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100G, 200G DWDM
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