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Optical Fiber Used in Optical Communication System

Optical Fiber Used in Optical Communication System

Optical Fiber communication, also known as optical telecommunication, which is a method of communication that uses light to carry and transmit signals through optical fibers.At transmitter side the electronic signals are converted into light signals, which will be transmitted to the receiving side by an optical fiber.  Then the light signals will be converted back to electronic signals at receiver side.

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Optical Fiber Used in Optical Communication System

Advantages of Optical Fibre Communication

1. With Much Higher Bandwidth.

2. Greater transmission capacity.

3. Immune to electromagnetic interference.

4. Can support extreme temperatures.

5. Smaller diameter and lightweight.

Components of Optical Fiber Communication System

Optical networking systems play important roles in modern communication. We need many fiber optic components to build an optical network, such as optical fiber cables, optical amplifiers, switches, routers, media converters, etc. Optical fiber cables are used for long-distance telecommunication. Optical amplifiers are used to amplify signals directly in long-distance transmission. Switches can connect different devices together in a network. Media converters realize Photoelectric Conversion.

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