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About Industrial Ethernet Switches and Their Applications

1. Understanding industrial Ethernet switches

When network equipment is deployed in the industrial field, the stability of commercial switches will be greatly challenged in the face of harsh working environments. Because of this, industrial switches with high reliability, high stability, and high security emerge as the times require, and become an important transmission tool that can adapt to complex industrial environments and facilitate the deployment of industrial automation networks. Industrial Ethernet switches feature highly durable housings and compact footprints designed to fit in tight spaces and operate in harsh environments.

Industrial Ethernet switches with rich product lines and flexible port configurations can meet the needs of a wide range of industrial control applications that require industrial-grade network equipment that can withstand a wider temperature range, humidity, vibration, electrical noise, physical pollution, etc. With the rapid development of electric power, metallurgy, petrochemical, environmental protection, transportation, construction and other industries, the demand for industrial switches is also growing.

2. What are the applications of industrial Ethernet switches?

Whereas conventional Ethernet switches are not reliable enough to transmit data accurately in critical environments, industrial Ethernet switches with the above important features can challenge harsh conditions. Some typical applications of industrial Ethernet switches are as follows:

Industrial Ethernet switches in the energy industry: 

Taking underground mines as an example, using industrial Ethernet switches in coal mines can effectively block dust, dirt and other particulate matter that may damage equipment.

Industrial Ethernet switches in the transportation industry: 

Industrial switches are equipped with industrial-grade protection structures such as IP40, which can withstand high-intensity vibration and shock, helping you to obtain data generated by moving objects.

Industrial Ethernet Switches in substations: 

High EMI is a major challenge for substations, and rugged, reliable, and safe harsh environment switches are the answer. Because industrial switches have strong anti-interference ability, they can work in harsh electromagnetic environments, while commercial switches do not support them.

Industrial Ethernet Switches in smart city surveillance: 

Using Industrial Ethernet switches in Smart City Surveillance to provide your PoE devices such as IP cameras with the power they need is a smart choice for monitoring crowds and traffic. Get a powerful Industrial Ethernet switch to enjoy the benefits of simplified wiring and easier control of equipment.

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