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Application and Characteristics of Fiber Optic Patch Cord

With the development of science and technology and the development of the e-commerce industry, the network is becoming more and more important in our lives.However, everyone on the network only knows that as long as the network cable is plugged into a computer or router, the computer can access the Internet.They only know that the speed of optical fiber Internet access is fast, but you know The mystery of these products and the mystery when arranging these products?

The alias of fiber optic patch cord is also called fiber optic connector.The impact on the system is minimized.

The Structure of Optical Patch Cord

The structure of the optical patch cord is actually similar to that of a coaxial cable.Its center is a glass core for light transmission, and there are two types of optical fibers: one is multimode optical fiber and the other is single-mode optical fiber.The diameter of the glass core of the former is 15 μm to 50 μm, which is about the thickness of a human hair.The color of the multimode fiber optic patch cord is generally orange, and the color of the connector and the protective cover is beige.The transmission distance of this patch cord is relatively short.The latter glass core has a diameter of 8 μm to 10 μm.The core is surrounded by a glass envelope with a lower refractive index than the core.Generally, the color of the single-mode fiber patch cord is yellow, and the color of the connector and the protective sleeve is blue.The transmission distance of the patch cord is relatively long.

The Application of Fiber Optic Patch Cord

The application of fiber optic patch cords In our lives, fiber-to-the-home, local area networks, and communication equipment rooms are everywhere, so fiber optic patch cord products are mainly used in these places in our lives, and there are fiber patch cords in our home networks.It is mainly used in optical fiber access network, optical fiber data transmission, local area network (LAN), optical fiber CATV, optical fiber communication system, optical fiber sensor.There are many types of fiber optic patch cords, depending on the environment we live in, such as the height of the building, etc., to make the most suitable choice.

Characteristics of Fiber Optic Patch Cord

  1. Low insertion loss

  2. Good repeatability

  3. High return loss

  4. Good inter-insertion performance

  5. Good temperature stability                                                     

Optical fiber patch cords are used in conjunction with distribution frames, transfer boxes, and terminal boxes to achieve fusion splicing of optical cables in various directions, such as places with many turns, tortuous environmental conditions, etc., which are more flexible and convenient, thereby realizing the entire optical fiber communication network.Efficient and flexible management and maintenance.

The impact of fiber optic patch cords on human life Therefore, in today's modern life, our network can be so stable and fast, and the credit of fiber patch cords cannot be denied.It is a must-have for us to use the Internet and use various optical fiber tools smoothly in our lives.It is the necessary hardware to make our life more convenient, and it is also a new ladder to promote the development of human multimedia networks.

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