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The Purpose of the Fiber Optic Distribution Panel and the Connection Troubleshooting

1. What is a fiber optic distribution panel?

A fiber optic distribution panel is just a piece of hardware that has ports that help organize cables in a fiber optic network. On the physical side, you'll find a fiber optic distribution panel is an enclosure that contains splice trays, adapter panels, and space to store any excess fiber.

Many of its ports are connected with other jumpers. These cables are connected to equipment located outside the building in most cases. The adapter panel provides interfaces for ports inside and outside the enclosure. You'll find that the ports inside the case are fixed, as they don't disconnect at any time. The outer port acts as a patch cable. So they can be plugged in or unplugged to create the necessary connections.

2. What is the use of fiber optic distribution panel?

Fiber distribution panel is used to connect various IT equipment. If you have a network system with a LAN connected to a WAN or even the Internet, you need a good patch panel. Ideally, if you don't have a fiber patch panel, you can't make connections between different devices. Likewise, any connection that uses multiple cables should use this device. Using fiber optic panels makes it easier to manage cables in your network. Therefore, you can quickly resolve any issues that arise without disrupting the entire system.

3. How to troubleshoot the connection of fiber optic distribution panel?

If a link fails somewhere in your fiber optic distribution panel, you must troubleshoot it immediately. Leaving it will cause serious connectivity issues that may be a little hard to fix. You can take the following steps to troubleshoot it:

Test Patch Cords: Use a tester to assess whether both ends of the fiber patch cord are in good condition. The most common testers you can also use are visual fault locators (VFLs) and power meters. You will use these devices to locate faults easily.

Fix or replace the faulty link: Once you know where the problem is, you need to correct it. If the damage is severe, you can repair it or remove any faulty connections. The best solution is to replace any faulty connections within the panel.

Label all links correctly: Once the problem is resolved, label the fiber optic distribution panel. It helps ensure that you are routing correctly from one port to another. Therefore, place appropriate labels on both ends.

In conclusion, the ability of your fiber optic distribution panel to transmit signals and data depends on its status. If you keep it in good condition and there are no glitches, you will enjoy excellent transfer performance.

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