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What are the uses of industrial Ethernet switches?

Industrial Ethernet switches, also known as Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches, provide power and data transfer capability to connected network devices. This means you don't have to have separate power supplies for each device. Choosing the right PoE switch can help keep your network up and running, even in adverse environments or conditions.

1. Industrial Ethernet switches keep your network connected

Your industrial network may be the backbone of your entire company's operations. According to CNS Partners, the reliability of your Internet connection is a necessity. When you install the right industrial Ethernet switches, they will provide constant power to your network and allow all network communications to take place over a single Ethernet cable.

2. Industrial Ethernet switches withstand harsh environmental conditions

Industrial Ethernet switches are designed to withstand large fluctuations in temperature as well as extreme weather conditions, including high humidity and wet environments. While common commercial Ethernet switches typically operate best in temperature-controlled environments and can fail at either end of a narrow temperature range, industrial switches are designed to operate even in temperatures as low as -40°C or as high as 75°C. Industrial switches are also vibration and shock resistant, making them ideal for harsh operating environments such as: industrial and factory automation systems, outdoor electrical applications, railroads and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), marine facilities, oil and gas platforms, and mining sites.

3. Industrial Ethernet switches offer advanced managed switch features

Using a managed Ethernet switch gives you all the features of an unmanaged Ethernet switch, plus a host of advanced network management tools. You can use managed switches to improve any or all of the following features.

Traffic filtering: Managed PoE switches enhance traffic filtering by enabling greater determinism and directing multiple packets to the appropriate protocol for the port. By forwarding packets to specific devices, you can achieve greater efficiency and faster network communication rates.

Network topology and device mapping: For large, complex networks, device management system (DMS) software provides clear visualization of network topology, simplifying monitoring, troubleshooting, cable diagnostics, and network maintenance tasks.

Network security: Managed industrial Ethernet switches help you gain complete control over various port settings, eliminate unauthorized access, and fully protect sensitive data transmitted over the network.

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