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What is the Purpose of Optical Fiber Attenuators?

Understand the Optical Fiber Attenuator

Optical fiber attenuator is an optical device that can reduce the energy of optical signals.It is used to attenuate the input optical power, avoiding the distortion of the optical receiver due to the super strong input optical power.Optical fiber attenuator , as an optical passive device, is used for debugging optical power performance in optical communication systems, debugging calibration and correction of optical fiber instruments, and optical fiber signal attenuation.The product is made of attenuating optical fiber doped with metal ions, which can adjust the optical power to the required level.

Attenuators are like sunglasses, protecting your eyes from harsh light by absorbing excess light energy.Fiber attenuators can act like sunglasses to protect optical fibers by operating at specific wavelength ranges.The criteria for a good optical fiber attenuator is to replace the reflecting fiber by absorbing the extra fiber.Because in optical fiber communication, it is necessary to use lower optical power without damaging the fiber attenuator.

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The Role of Optical Fiber Attenuator

The intensity of the optical signal received by the optical receiving device must be within a certain range, and the optical power should not be too strong or too weak, otherwise the life of the device will be shortened or it will not work properly.The fiber attenuator is an optical passive device that can be used to reduce the energy of the optical signal and attenuate the input optical power, so as to avoid distortion of the optical receiver due to the super strong input optical power. Optical fiber attenuators reduce optical power through absorption, reflection, diffusion, scattering, deflection, diffraction, dispersion. For example, for the absorption of optical signals, set the optical fiber attenuator to a working wavelength range that can absorb light energy.In this range, it does not reflect light and reduce unnecessary echo reflections.In this way, the attenuation effect of optical power is achieved.Generally, air isolation technology, displacement dislocation technology, attenuating fiber technology, absorption glass method and other technologies are used to make optical attenuators.The attenuation range of the optical attenuator is from 0 to 65dB.Among them, the attenuation power of the fixed optical fiber attenuator currently on the market is between 1 and 30 dB.Fixed fiber attenuator is a type of fiber attenuator , which fixes the attenuation power at an attenuation value.Generally used in telecommunications networks, fiber optic test equipment, local area network (LAN) and cable television (CATV) systems.

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