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Where Are Fiber Optic Connectors Commonly Used?

1. About fiber optic connectors

optical fiber connector is a device used to connect components between optical fiber and optical fiber, and is a detachable device. The two ends of the optical fiber need to be precisely docked, so that the light output by the transmission fiber can be coupled to the receiving fiber to the greatest extent, and the impact of the optical fiber participating in the optical link on the system is minimized, the basic requirements of the equipment. It can be said that many ftth connector types affects the reliability and performance of the optical transmission system to a certain extent.

2. Where are fiber optic connectors commonly used?

Digital telephone service: telephone is another system that benefits from the use of optical cables. Like CATV, many digital phone applications use single-mode fiber optic cables. In fact, in the business world, the telephone is one of the main uses of optical cables.

Public utility network: public utilities, such as power companies or municipal water treatment facilities, use optical fibers in various ways. They may have CCTV security cameras by fiber optic connectors and networks connecting various stations to provide real-time data about operations. For example, electrical companies recognize the interference of their production and distribution equipment to traditional communication lines and turn to optical fibers as early as possible.

Industrial network: Like power companies, electromagnetic interference also plays a role in the selection of communication products used in industrial business. Electrical noise from equipment can cause serious problems with unshielded cables. But its effect on optical fiber is not the same. As many industrial facilities enter intelligent operation, devices are connected to each other and connected to the Internet through the network, reliable connection is essential. For industrial applications, optical fiber connectors must have firm accessories that are not easy to fall off even under continuous vibration caused by nearby machines.

Military networks: Military operations require connectivity in some of the harshest environments on earth. Battlefields, naval vessels, military bases and aircraft all need to be connected. Interference, movement and eavesdropping of communication lines pose a threat to the military. Optical fiber cable solution

Security system: A security system usually requires a reliable data transmission line that can quickly transmit video and audio. Fiber optic cables for CCTV have several advantages. First, the two-way direction of the optical cable allows the operator to control the camera angle when needed. The ability to control the camera ensures better viewing of suspicious targets, thereby improving safety.

The high bandwidth of fiber allows multiple cameras to transmit signals through a single cable. In addition, optical cables can be extended over long distances with minimal loss. Therefore, with the help of optical fiber connector, CCTV can protect cities, airports, warehouses, factories and other larger facilities.

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