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What is An Optical Fiber Patch Cord?

Optical fiber patch cords are optical cables that connect devices to allow information to pass between devices. Optical fiber patch cords are used to make jumpers from equipment to optical fiber cabling links. There is a thicker protective layer, which is generally used in the connection between the optical transceiver and the terminal box and is used in the fields of optical fiber communication systems, optical fiber access networks, optical fiber data transmission, and local area networks. These jumpers are used for optical signal transmissions, such as fiber to the home, data center, and optical network distribution.

what is an optical fiber patch cord

Overview of Optical Fiber Patch Cord

Optical fiber patch cord (also called optical fiber connector) means that both ends of the optical cable are equipped with optical fiber connectors to realize the active connection of the optical path, and the optical fiber connector is called pigtail only at one end. Optical Fiber Patch Cord (OFPC) is similar to coaxial cable, except that there is no mesh shielding layer. The center is the core of light propagation. In a multimode fiber, the diameter of the core is 50μm~65μm, which is roughly equivalent to the thickness of a human hair. The diameter of the single-mode fiber core is 8μm~10μm. The core is surrounded by a glass envelope with a lower refractive index than the core, called a cladding, to keep the optical signal in the core. On the outside is a protective layer of resin, called the coating layer.

Principle of Action Optical Fiber Patch Cord

Optical fiber patch cords use plastic or glass fiber, with optical fiber connectors at both ends, and corresponding optical fiber adapters (flanges), so that the two optical fiber lines that need optical signal transmission can be connected, without the need for thermal fusion splicing of optical fibers, which is convenient Subsequent replacement and maintenance.

Application Optical Fiber Patch Cord

Optical fiber patch cord products are widely used in: communication rooms, fiber to the home, local area networks, fiber optic sensors, fiber optic communication system, fiber optic connection transmission equipment, national defense combat readiness, etc. It is suitable for a cable television networks, telecommunication networks, computer optical fiber networks, and optical test equipment. For example, the optical modem access at home, the signal connection of the equipment in the data center, the extension of the optical distribution box line, and so on.

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